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With the anti-lost Child hot leash, baby wrist strap, no longer have to worry

December 19, 2018

Latest company news about With the anti-lost Child hot leash, baby wrist strap, no longer have to worry

Anti-lost child leash is a very important and hot tool for walking with kids in the daily. Many mothers consider the anti-lost products, the concept remains on anti-lost backpack, the recent child strap is really a very smart design, bring many benefits.
Believe that mom found missing suddenly when going out in supermarket or shopping mall, in the blink of an eye, baby ran away. Most of kids were quite curious, easily been attracted by any colorful or new even everything around them, maybe just seconds of distraction, left a deep memory in later life time.
In that case, that coiled lanyard strap owing to its simple, fashion design and economical cost quickly take over the market in some extent.

It is very useful, for example
1. the bracelet strap is wider to protect kids' wrist, inside of soft foam keep sure child feeling more comfortable.
2. the wrist part is used of very breathable fabrics, supple and comfortable, child don't feel hot and stuffy.
3. the style is beatuiful, the color is bright, it's easy to be liked.
4. it is better than baby walker, twisted style of coil rope would stretch into longest 1.5M, contract rapidly and could not drag to the ground, don't trip up over them.
5. small size is convenient to carry, good quality, safe and reliable.
6. stainless steel wire inside and eco-friendly TPU coated, it doesn't cut easily

Purchase necessary
1. give your clid space to explore, no need to hold hands with adults at any time
2. there are too many cases of children being injured or even killed in accidents, for example, child got off the elevator accidentally, ran out of the road suddently. Puting an end to accident that is the most important thing parents should do.
3. anti-lost strap is really a good product, free mother's hands, as well as mother can go shopping freely.
This strap is not expensive, can also ensure the safety of children to the greatest extent, so suggest mother could match one to each child.

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