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Take you to know TPU spring rope

March 26, 2021

Latest company news about Take you to know TPU spring rope

TPU Coil Spring
Coil spring, also known as slingshot wire and spiral wire, is a device connection leash that uses scalability to work. It is generally made of TPU cable. The power connection used to control the movement of movable equipment can rebound quickly in a short time. It is widely used in automobiles, machines, meters, petroleum, chemical, tool kits, fishing gear, molds and other equipment.
By material: mainly TPU coil spring, PVC coil spring; TPU spring coil has special effects such as flame retardant, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, low temperature resistance, UV resistance, abrasion resistance, and hydrolysis resistance. TPU material is the preferred material for spring coil. It has been used more and more widely.


The name and size relationship of each part of the spring coil:
Spring line diameter D: the straight diameter of the TPU line;
Spring coil diameter D: the outer diameter of the coil of the spring;
Inner diameter of the coil D1: the inner diameter of the spring coil;
Spring coil unworking length L: the static length of the spring coil without external force;
Working length of the spring wire L0: the dynamic length of the spring coil under the action of external force;
Unfolded length of spring wire A: the total length of the straight line required to wind the spring wire;
The length of the spring leash tail: the two ends are represented by L1 and L2;
Accessories at both ends: configure related accessories according to the actual work scene.

latest company news about Take you to know TPU spring rope  0

The useage of spring coil:
It is widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, automobile, mineral processing, water conservancy, textile, printing, medical, sports, food processing, construction and other industries
Main category: fishing tackle rope, cutting pliers rope, inspection rope, wire spring rope, gun rope, tool rope, surfboard foot rope, stylus rope, flameout rope, wire spring rope, Kevlar spring rope, etc.

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