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For fishing, don't forget to use a missed rope!

April 20, 2021

Latest company news about For fishing, don't forget to use a missed rope!

Regarding the missed rope, presumably many fishermen know its usefulness, but from my usual observations, in actual fishing, few people will actually use it, but when fishing, they will encounter: The friend was caught in an accident and the fishing rod was pulled away; or he regretted not using the missed rope because he did not cut the line in time and broke the rod.
In fact, this situation is mainly related to the habits of fishing friends and the current fishing situation:
1. At present, the water resources of most fishing grounds are not very good, and there are very few cases of big fish in the big fish. Over time, the fisherman feels that it does not matter whether it is a missed rope or not. However, once you encounter a big fish, you will lose the line or break the fishing rod because there is no missing rope, which will cause the angler to lose the line set or break the fishing rod. At this time, the angler is often regret, regret, heartache and other complex feelings.
2. I don’t go fishing in rivers, reservoirs, lakes and other large waters, so the chance of encountering big fish is very small, so I can’t talk about using the missed rope.
3. I don’t pay much attention to the role of the missed rope. In fact, to put it plainly, it is-"lazy"! Afraid of trouble! Therefore, the result is naturally predictable.

I remember seeing a sentence from a fishing friend on the forum that makes sense: "The missed rope is not only a weapon for passive defense, it is also a weapon for active attack!"
The production of the lost hand rope is actually very scientific. There are many kinds of ropes. One is made of a spiral single-strand nylon rope and multiple strands of rubber bands; the other is the rubber band inside and the outside is wrapped with cloth as a protective layer; the other is The elastic steel wire rope is covered with transparent glue... But no matter what kind, it has good elasticity. For big fish, it has a certain length to relieve the impact of the fish when they escape, and can make people do whatever they want. Fish control is a good helper to assist in walking the fish in addition to the rock with a fishing wheel and a throwing rod.
However, there are some points to pay attention to when using a missed rope. It is not that you have a missed rope and you can play at will. Any kind of thing has certain limitations. When using the missed rope to walk a big fish, pay attention to the method of operation.
While throwing the rod into the water with the rod tight, your hands should be caught on the missed line not far from the fishing rod, and you cannot suddenly release the missed line. In this case, the fish will soon miss Straightening the rope is the same as a tug of war with a fishing rod. The momentary impact force can easily pull the line or the hook, and it is easy to cause the rod to get stuck.
When using the missed rope, slide it forward in a controlled manner. This will give the fish a pull and make it painful when it is fleeing, so that when the fish's impulse becomes smaller and the fish no longer escapes , You can pull back the missed rope and put it back when the fish exerts its strength again. Repeatedly deal with the fish like this, walk the fish exhausted, and even follow your pull, you can walk for a while (of course, you need to distinguish whether this is the illusion that the fish cheats you), and wait until the fish is completely walked. When you turn over and the white belly is up, the fisherman can copy the fish into the household.

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