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Enjoy the thrill of surfing, and pay more attention to the safety of surfing!

April 24, 2022

Latest company news about Enjoy the thrill of surfing, and pay more attention to the safety of surfing!

The beach by the sea, the wind is sunny and the environment is pleasant.
If we're looking for a thrill, surfing is a great option.
If everyone feels that their life is boring, there is no freshness in the city.
Then why don't we find a place to let ourselves go.
Maybe you can't surf, but it's fun to paddle on the board.
We can have a close contact with the sea.
At first, many people may be discouraged by it.
But it doesn't matter, we can experience it.
I believe that this scene will come to mind in everyone's mind:
We fluttered in the sea, a few mouthfuls of brackish sea water poured into our mouths from time to time.
It's not surfing anymore, it's drinking water.
Therefore, in order to avoid such a situation, surfing should also pay attention to methods.
So how do we surf, it becomes a small question.
Is it to buy a handsome board and rush into the sea?
Actually, it's not that simple.
In fact, surfing is a sea sport.
We still have to exercise mainly on the coast.
Among them, the most worthy of our novice surfing vigilance.
That's the waves and currents.
After all, none of us are very water-based.
Unlike those children who grew up by the sea, they were born with water.
So, be careful with currents.
Especially rip currents and rip currents.
We should not rush into the sea without understanding the laws of water flow.
Even surfing, safety is the main concern.
Then, if we surf, there will be a foot rope at the end of the board.
Surfing friends need to remember to connect the foot rope to the surfboard.

latest company news about Enjoy the thrill of surfing, and pay more attention to the safety of surfing!  0

In the sea, the surfboard is our life buoy.
Although, most of the time when surfing, we don't need to swim.
But there are always surprises.
If we forget the SUP leash on our feet, we dare to go out to surf.

Choose surfboard coiled leash from Greenlife in China, will protect you well.
If a wave hits and we fall off the board, it will be miserable.
I had to swim to chase the board myself.
Including, choosing the right surfboard, this one is especially important to us.
Choosing the wrong board not only consumes physical strength, but also is prone to danger.
This is really frustrating.
The longboard is the best choice when we start playing.
Different sizes correspond to different body types.
It is best for everyone to buy according to the advice of professionals to avoid stepping on thunder.
Finally, choose a reliable coach and follow the coach's guidance.
This is crucial.
Because experienced coaches will directly help us push the board.
He makes us have the best experience possible.
After all, Xiaojia feels that summer is a good season to play.
In the atmosphere of sun, sand and waves,
We can surf boldly and enjoy life.

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